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Lymphatic Drainage

Specialized Detoxifying massage with detox oil which

helps to reduce fluid retention by draining and eliminating toxins in the body cleaning system. Stimulate a

fluid filled network, which circulates fats, proteins and

immune cells while it removes bacteria, viruses and cholesterol.

55min 70lv.

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Honey Masssage

Pure Organic Honey is poured over the back, and then the massage therapist puts hands onto this area and unglues the palms. During the massage, beneficial antioxidant substances from the honey are absorbed directly into the skin and trapped toxins are stimulated and removed from the body. 

30min 50lv.

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Vacuum Massage

Special machine utilizes Vacuum via the suction probe to pull up the tissue while the suction probe is moving along over the skin. With the effects of this action, the lymph fluid, containing toxin, harmful materials, waste products etc, is forced to move along the lymph vessels toward where accumulates lymph nodes. 55min 70lv.

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