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Organic Facials /Germaine De Capuccini or Sensantia Botanicals Cosmetics/

The seven senses

Lifting Jade Stone Facial

Deeply hydrating Facial that firms and lifts the facial contour. The must-have treatment for immediate results prior to a special occasion. Ideal for all skin types, this dynamic antiaging facial enhances the effects of a specially designed Jade beauty stone. Results are immediate and leave skin lifted, even-toned and glowing. 

60 minutes 78 lv.

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Sensitive Facial

Soothe sensitive skin with lightweight moisturizing products design to nourish and protect. Boost and calm your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Perfect for dull tone skin or to prevent early signs of ageing. Facial lymph drainage massage

is included. 

60 minutes 78 lv.

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Anti-ageing Facial

Natural anti-ageing facial formulated for dry skin and concerned with lines and wrinkles, neutralize and inhibit micro-tensions whilst increasing natural collagen and elastin production. Fine lines and expression lines

are significantly reduced. Created to be safe for the skin with all natural ingredients. Improve the sings of ageing, remove scars

from acne and even the pigmentation.

60 minutes 85 lv.

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Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial

Non-invasive anti - ageing and deep cleanse skin care, that uses a diamond-tip head to abrade or exfoliate off the top layer of the skin; removing dirt, debris and dead skin cells leaving the skin glowing and feeling soft and smooth to the touch. This treatment will stimulating and smooth polished finish, while still delivering the great results and micro-massage skin rejuvenation you want and expect from microdermabrasion. 

60 minutes 78 lv.

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Oxygen Facial

The Oxygen treatment is an all-natural, virtually painless skin treatment procedure that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of your skin, and is the very latest in non-chemical skincare techniques. Using water and oxygen, hydrates and oxygenates the skin. Infusions of Organic ingredients to treat specific skin issues can also be added. Perfect combination with any other Facial.

30 minutes 59 lv.

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HIFU Lifting Facial 

HIFU ”(high intensity focused ultrasound) technology is the ability for high-intensity ultrasound waves to be precisely focused and concentrated precisely in the treatment area.

Supports SMAS layer - Activates collagen under deep skin to support SMAS layer. Reduces wrinkles. Makes skin look younger and more beautiful. After HIFU therapy the skin becomes young and beautiful, firm and radiant.

The fast, even sometimes instant lifting effect achieved through "HIFU" - non-invasive SMAS-lifting is the result of two main factors:

1. Decrease in the volume of SMAS (superficial musculoskeletal system) and lifting as a result of point coagulation.

2. Shrinkage and shortening of collagen fibers.

The lifting effect is strictly individual and largely depends on the time of remodeling and renewal of collagen in the skin, as the effect of "HIFU" non-invasive SMAS-lifting increases for 3-6 months.

For optimal effect, 3-5 procedures are recommended, after which a stable result with a duration of 1-2 years is usually observed. The procedure does not require anesthesia or cooling. Unlike lasers, HIFU technology can be used on any skin type at any time of the year.

Indications for HIFU lifting:

* age-related changes

* double chin

* Loss of the contour of the cheekbones

* Relax the skin under the chin and neck

* Loss of the contour of the face, the contour of the lower jaw

* Deepening of the nasolabial folds

* Sagging corners of the mouth

* Relax eyebrows and eyelids

* Gravitational ptosis (relaxation) of the face

* Gravitational ptosis (relaxation) of the body (abdomen, buttocks, armpits, etc.)

Contraindications to "HIFU" lifting:

* Open wounds, skin lesions

* Pregnancy, lactation

* Cancer or severe endocrine disease

* Severe forms of acne on the face and neck

* Systemic or local skin disease in which the process of skin regeneration is impaired

* When taking anticoagulants

60 minutes 100 lv.

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Add on Threading


Lip 5 lv. /Chin 5 lv. /Brows 6 lv. /Cheeks 8 lv.

Full Face 20 lv.

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Add on Eyelashes and brows tint

Sensitive dye colour  your lashes and eyebrows gently and safely.

For the most beautiful black style.

Natural black lashes and brows.

Lasts for 6 weeks.

10 lv.

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